Food Photography

This is Meg (and her boyfriend Rex).  She is the awesome friend who suggested I start this blog.  She is also my food photographer.  Meg loves taking pictures like I love baking.  I brought her a pink ribbon cupcake a few months ago, and she took a picture and posted it on facebook.  It looked like I had a professional photographer take pictures of my cupcake!  That day we made an agreement that she would take pictures of my "sweet creations" as long as she gets to eat them afterwords.  I thought it was more than fair!  I note all the photos on the website that she produces.  Unfortunately she isn't always available every time I am inspired to cook or bake something, so then I have to take the pictures myself (they aren't nearly as good).

If you have questions for Meg and her photography, you can either leave a comment on a particular post, or hopefully I will be able to figure out how you can leave a comment on this page. 
and this is Meg's awesome logo

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  1. Happy Birthday Meg!! Just wait until you get your "Sarah's Sweet Creations Birthday Cake!"