Monday, April 11, 2011

Eat. Live. Be. Pharmacist talk

This week's ELB topic is "What vitamins/minerals do you take and why?"  Well...ummm....about that.  I strongly believe that everyone can benefit from a multi-vitamin and that EVERY woman of child bearing age should be taking one. I pledge to start taking mine again...tomorrow.  I really don't take any other vitamin/mineral.  Not because I think they are bad or anything, just because I don't feel I need to supplement my diet with anything other than a multivitamin.  However, since this is my area of expertise, I feel a strong sense of duty to educate my readers a bit on multivitamins and how to select the most appropriate vitamin for you.  SO here are 5 things to think about:

1. Vitamins and minerals are dietary supplements, they are not quick fixes, wonder drugs, or a cure all, they simply supplement the diet!

2. If you are currently taking other medications, ask your pharmacist before you start a dietary supplement. Their can be interactions!  Likewise, when giving your physician a list of medications, include any OTC products and dietary supplements in that list (you have no clue how many drug errors this could prevent).

3. When you are picking between brands of supplements always go with one that has a "USP approved" symbol on the label. These are the ONLY vitamins that have been tested for proper use (the FDA does not have an approval process for dietary supplements)

4. Take with food to help prevent upset stomach

5. If you are one who takes calcium, your body can only absorb 500mg at a time, so you may need to take care and split it into a morning and evening dose

I hope this is helpful!

Now, here are a few pictures of the birthday cakes I made for my adorable nephews over spring break :) They had a jungle themed party


  1. I love how informative this post is! Great tips!

    And those cakes are adorable!

  2. Great tips! Do you recommend eating when you take a multivitamin too? That always makes me queasy and if food is the answer, than it would make it so much easier.

  3. Thanks for the tips! I didn't realize that about calcium, so I'll make sure to take it at 2 separate times a day!

  4. Hey Sarah! I think that it was you who commented on my blog saying that you were thinking of running Chicago! It's definitely a great race for a first-timer...a very flat course and tons of fun! If you have ANY questions about training or anything like that feel free to ask!