Monday, March 7, 2011

Eat. Live. Be. Recommended Reading

This week's ELB topic is recommended reading. We are charged with the task of sharing the resources we are using to help attain our goals.  In the past, when I get into my health kicks, I turn to my trusty Barnes and Noble or Amazon and look for a healthy cookbook. My sophomore year it was "The Healthy College Cookbook."  Last year it was "Cooking Healthy for Two (or just you).  Both are great cookbooks; however, I always felt that the recipes, while healthy, were a bit lackluster. Yes, I want to be healthier. No, I do NOT want to eat what tastes like cardboard or Styrofoam.  But when America's Test Kitchen came out with their own healthy cookbook, I knew that if any healthy cookbook was going to satisfy my need for health and flavor it would have to be this one.  My feelings were confirmed when Annie did a review post and giveaway on her blog a few weeks back.
Unfortunately, this blog topic comes a week too early.  As a previously mentioned, I have been swamped with school and have hardly had time to crack open my new addition to the collection. I will however share a few cool features of the cookbook that I am extremely excited about.

First, the cookbook has 800 recipes! Awesome!  What's better is that a lot of the recipes have multiple variations to the original, which is a nice way to add variety to a "favorite."
Also, important to any healthy cookbook, the nutrition facts are listed for each recipe and some recipes "Makeover Spotlights"compare classic recipes and then the tested healthier version in ingredients, fat, calories, etc. so cool!
Finally, several of the recipes are marked with a symbol to denote that they can be made in 30 minutes or less.  Healthy and quick cooking. what more could you ask for!

I plan to do a follow up post with a few of my favorite recipes from the book, so stay tuned!

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  1. I love a cookbook with a ton of recipes (not kidding ... that's why The Joy of Cooking has always been a fav). Will have to check this one out -- can't wait to hear what you make from it.