Monday, February 28, 2011

Eat. Live. Be. Lets Talk Portions

One very important aspect of living a healthy life is portion control.  This task is compounded when the waiter or waitress at your favorite restaurant brings you a huge plate of which three people could partake and all would easily get full! Here are a few tricks I use to keep from eating 7 servings of grains in one sitting (not to say I don't still do that on occasion, just that I am now aware!)

1. If eating out, ask your server to box half of your dinner to go BEFORE he/she serves the meal.  This way you will only eat half of the portion that is given to you right off the bat. I guarantee, unless you ordered a light fish, this will still fill you up and you have lunch for tomorrow!
2. I live to cook with portion sized dishes.  I have shared with you the Le Creuset mini cocottes  on my four cheese macaroni post cooking or baking in small dishes forces my husband and I to eat only what is in the dish.  Another great perk is no leftovers!
3. When I am eating salad, I always dip the salad into the dressing.  You will be shocked how much less dressing you need rather than dousing your salad with dressing.
4. Finally, here is a list that puts things into proportion.  If you ever find yourself wondering how much of something you should eat, just look at your hand!

     - your two hands cupped together = one health portion of              veggies
     - your fits = one healthy portion of fruits and grains
     - your hand cupped = one to two ounces of snack food such as        pretzels or nuts
     - your palm = 3 ounces of poultry, meat, or fish
     - your entire thumb =  one ounce of meat or cheese
     - your thumb tip =  a typical serving size for salad dressing
     - your finger tip = a tsp. the amount of sweetener to add to          tea or cream to add to coffee
So, next time you are out to eat, or fixing dinner, just let your hand be your guide to making smart portion choices!

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Source: WeightWatchers


  1. Love these tips! I do something very similar with salad dressing, only instead of dipping the veggies in the dressing, I dip the FORK in the dressing. It gives you even less of the dressing, but is really more than enough to flavor the salad.

  2. That is a great idea. It sounds much easier than fishing lettuce or tomatoes out of my dressing bowl after dropping them :)

  3. I love that reference photo!