Monday, February 14, 2011

Eat. Live. Be. Ask the Experts

This week for ELB, we are asking the experts about all things healthy.  I have been thinking about this post for several weeks, and I am very excited to share with you today.
As many of you know, Jack Lalanne, the godfather of fitness, passed away January 23, 2011.  The Friday before he past away I was very privileged to complete an email interview with him.  I was stunned when I heard the news of his death on Monday morning and I feel a sense of responsibility to share some of his final pieces of advice for all of you.

1.  You’re often called the godfather of fitness, a status that speaks volumes about your motivation and discipline. What’s your secret for remaining so dedicated to fitness and staying in shape?

Answer: I work at it every day and put excuses not to out of my mind. Ever since I was 15 and discovered the path to good health I began training my body through exercise and proper nutrition. I gave up the things I knew were bad for me and concentrated on the ones that were good.  I discovered the more I worked out the better I felt and I loved that feeling.  That is why I’m in my 96th year going for 100 with all my might.  Remember, exercise is King, nutrition is Queen, put them
together and you have a kingdom.

2.  How important is strength training to a healthy lifestyle? What advice can you give to men and women who are new to strength training?

Answer:  There are many ways to build muscle in the gym. Some people lift for pure strength, while others lift for stamina and muscle tone.  I believe you need to work all 640 muscles in your body so my regimen consists of working everything.  I workout everyday, and every other day I tradeoff with upper body then lower body work.  I am also a big fan of water exercises so I spend at least ½ hour in the pool everyday.

3. What steps do you take to help prevent injuries during exercise? 

Answer: Make haste slowly especially if you are new to the gym.  Weights can be your friend and give you a fine sculptured body, but they can also be your enemy if not used properly.  If you are new to this get a pro to train you or take a class where you can learn proper technique.  Also remember to check with your doctor if you are starting a new exercise program especially if you are working through an injury or have other physical problems.

4.  I started using your juicer when my parents bought one when I was in high school. It’s a great way to give your body the nutrients it needs.  Why are fruits and veggies so important to one’s diet and how can juicing help people ensure they get enough of them?

Answer:  Your body is a human machine, if you put good things in, good things will happen. Would you take a high performance automobile and put water in the gas tank?  Of course not, the car would
sputter and the motor would die.  Would you get your dog up in the morning and give him a cigarette, a donut and a cup of coffee?  Heck no, you’d kill the dog!  That is why fresh juice is so important to the body.  It has the natural nutrients needed to replenish the ones burned during a workout.  A soft drink can’t accomplish that, and many of these new so-called caffeinated energy drinks cannot either.  By juicing and drinking the fresh squeezed juice immediately after its created, you are benefiting from the freshest and fastest way to get the best nutrients into your body to supplement that workout or just get the day started.

5. What advice or motivation can you offer to those revolution warriors who are trying to make 2011 the year they reach their health goals? 

Answer: Stick to your goals and above all exercise and eat right.  Anything
is better than nothing.  If you can’t pull yourself away from that TV, sit in your chair and stand up
10 times.  Grab a towel, stretch it with your arms and pull it back and forth and up and down. Your
still watching that TV but your getting something out of it.  Don’t be sedentary!  Do something,
and do it consistently.  Remember, Anything In Life Is Possible, If You Make It Happen!!

Shortly after Jack's death, his family emailed me and said if I wanted to do something to remember Jack, just exercise an extra hour. It would make him very happy and it is what he wanted for everyone.  So, I encourage all of you reading to do just that in member of such a great man.

Since it is valentine's day, I thought I would share a few pictures of some valentine's day orders I worked  on over the weekend! I hope you enjoy and have a great valentine's day.
Sweet Heart Sugar Cookies!  I just love these things :)
I used the same cookie and frosting recipe as the super bowl cookies

I made these for my husband's coworkers. Very geeky, I know, but seriously they are so funny!

Pepper loves valentine's day too!
Actually, its really the streamers that he is all about.

I posted this recipe Friday night.  Turns out a lot of people found them delicious and wanted to share with their sweetie

Photo by Meg McCluskey
This box of "chocolates" is actually a box of mini decorated cupcakes. I got the idea from "Hello Cupcake."
 The fortune cookie in the middle is a personal touch for the recipient :)


  1. Happy V Day! How cool to have in interview with JL!!!

  2. So cool that you got to interview him! I was really hoping that he'd make it to 100. Great advice.

  3. Great interview! All your Valentine's goodies look so good...but my favorite pic has to be of Pepper!, my favorite pick pocket! :-)